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글쓴이 : 몬트레이 관리자 날짜 : 2018-05-12 (토) 06:17 조회 : 463
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We thank you for your prayers during the seaweed season.  April 28th was the last day of work for us. We had a week to recuperate and get ready for our trip to the States.  
Following are some updates:

1) Takiko: She is the lady who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Although she gets tired more easily nowadays, she is always cheerful and happy to see us when we visit her.  We paid a visit before we left for the States, and this is what she told us: "Mrs. T and pastor came to visit me and they rather pushed me to be baptised.  When I told them of the concerns of the family, they said that I could go ahead and be baptised in secret.  You know, I can't do it.  I can't be baptised in secret.  If this means that I have to cut relations with all of you, I am sorry but I need to choose my family over you. "

We told her that the only important thing is her relationship with Jesus and that if she is not ready to get baptised, she doesn't need to go ahead.  
We wanted to make sure that she understood who Jesus is and what He did for her.
We were so encouraged by what she said: He is the one who died in place of me.  

Please keep praying that God will give her a firm understanding of what it is to follow Jesus.  And that in God's timing, she will be able to publicly profess her faith by being baptised.  

2) Thank you for your prayers in regards to our green card renewal.  The immigration process at the airport went amazingly smoothly this time; they did not ask any questions. Praise God for His protection!  

After a week in California, we will fly to Colorado Springs to visit our son, Sean, who is in the US Army.  

May God bless you!  Thank you for your friendship and for your prayers on our behalf.  

For His Kingdom,

Mitsuo and Akiko